Flip The Manicure, The New Nail Art Trend


Have nice hands but it’s important to have beautiful nails is even more! Sometimes ridged and brittle nails need of care; fortunately Cosmo gives you all the tricks to have beautiful white and perfect nails. How to grow her nails? How to have long and strong nails? What manicure adopt: caviar manicure, manicure velvet, leather manicure, vintage manicure? Cosmo is here to help!

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The nail art comes to infinity. Manicure fur, caviar manicure, manicure velvet … It’s a real race to the originality! And in this area, manicure or reverse manicure Flip could win first place. Explanations.

The nail art is definitely one of polish trends for fall-winter 2014-2015. Impossible to miss. And the radius nail art, a new girl has just made ​​its appearance: the flip manicure.

A Stunning Manicure

“Flip manicure” could mean “reverse manicure”. Indeed, it is to focus on the inner part of the nail, been under-exploited.

Drawings, stickers, jewelry, anything is possible in decoration! One imperative: the nail must have a certain length.

If the trend can be applied to natural nails, false nails have a distinct advantage: their rigidity.

A Manicure Far from Express!

You can imagine, the Flip manicure requires patience, take your time to make an accurate and flawless manicure.

Or from your manicurist? Julie, nail artist says “Sit back and make yourself comfortable, because this type of manicure takes between 2 and 2:30.”

You are warned!

How to Flip a Manicure?

This is the same year that a classic nail art, only the portion of the nail changes. Get inspired nail art tutorials that exist about it!

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