Vaping Mistakes First-timers Need To Avoid



New vapers need to learn the art of vaping properly or else your experience may be ruined. Errors occur, especially when you are new to vaping. However, below are some vaping mistakes first-timers need to avoid.

Choosing the wrong device

Choosing the wrong device is the biggest problem beginners make. Some shops encourage new users to invest in high-end expensive devices. It is wise for new vapers to choose an easy to use device, which resembles the traditional cigarette and delivers the right throat hit.

Buy poor quality device

New users find every vape pen available to be the same. For example, a pen with 5-year old technology is similar to the latest device. This is a wrong thought! Choosing the wrong device can cause poor coil performance, meager vapor production, poor battery life, and more.

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Choice of wrong nicotine level

If you have switched to vaping to quit smoking, then starting with very low nicotine level is wrong. You will need sufficient vape to replace the satisfaction level. Start with a medium level and from there you can choose to increase or decrease, accordingly.

Choice of incorrect flavor

Besides nicotine, you need to get the correct e-juice. Get the right flavor instead of depending on the very first taste. Try different flavors to find an ideal one. It confirms that vaping is a satiating option to tobacco cigarettes. While exploring the wonderful e-liquid flavor world, your chances to switch back to smoking tobacco decreases.

Get the appropriate PG/VG ratio

Every e-liquid includes PG [Propylene glycol] and VG [Vegetable glycol]. These produce the vapor while vaping. The former offers a better throat hit and flavor. The latter is thick, sweet, and generates more vapors.

PG is easy on coils found in the starter devices, but VG needs special coils to work perfectly. If you determine to go advanced in the future, then start using large devices with coils designed for cloud vaping. However, you will need to choose e-juice with a high VG level.

Not following charging instructions

If you don’t follow battery safety guidelines, then there can be a malfunction, otherwise, it is rare.

Giving up quickly

For some new vapers, the switch from cigarette smoking to vaping can be smooth, whereas a few can take some time. Several can give up quickly! Don’t make this mistake! Vaping differs from smoking and is less addictive. You will get the hang of it….. Give it some time!

Ignoring leaky e-cigarette

The leak may be due to damaged or missing O-ring inside. It can even be because you over-tightened the tank. Never ignore leaky e-cig because the lifespan of your device shortens and there is a waste of e-juice.

Vaping with a filthy coil

The e-cig coils don’t stay clean all the time. After a couple of weeks, it needs to be replaced or cleaned well. Gunky coils will affect the e-juice taste and over time less and less vapor will be produced.

Taking dry hits

When there is insufficient juice for the coil to heat, you get an awful throat hit. Therefore check the e-juice level before you start vaping to ensure that the soil is moist. Refill the tank as soon as you see a low e-liquid level.

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