Major Depressive Disorder Treatment is Revolutionized with Ketamine Infusion Therapy


Ketamine is gaining popularity as a phenomenal drug for treating depression. The advocates say that medically administered ketamine has revolutionized the way depression gets treated. Infusion therapy has offered unprecedented relief to patients struggling with treatment-resistant depression symptoms.

More than 30% of depressed people hardly respond to the traditional antidepressant treatment, while for those who respond it takes 7 to 8 weeks for experiencing the effect. It seems like a lifetime when you are besieged under the symptoms of depression. Treatment for major depressive disorders is crucial or else it can cause –

  • Panic attacks
  • Loss of employment
  • Substance abuse
  • Physical pain
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Relationship dilemmas
  • Social isolation
  • Self-mutation
  • Significant weight gain or loss

ketamine for depression

Before moving on to how ketamine for depression works or is ketamine an effective treatment to treat depressive disorders, let’s learn about ketamine.

What’s ketamine?

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic drug-like nitrous oxide and PCD. Currently, it falls under the Class III scheduled drug category. FDA has approved it to be used in medical or hospital setting for anesthesia purposes. It is a great anesthetic solution at high doses as it roots amnesia and sedation without lowering blood pressure or suppressing respiratory functions.

At low doses, Ketamine causes hypnotic state, changed the perception of sound and sight, dissociative condition, and pain relief. The dissociated condition means you feel detached from the surrounding environment and even your body.

Due to its dissociative, auditory, and visual effects, ketamine got popular in clubs as a hallucinogenic drug. In recreation ambiance, the drug can be abused but when employed under medical supervision ketamine infusions have revealed a total game-changer for those suffering from a severe depressive disorder.

In what way is ketamine infusion working differently than antidepressants?

The traditional antidepressants cause changes in the balance of brain neurotransmitters, while ketamine directly works on the receptors. NMDA or glutamate receptors are responsible for depression get blocked, so the ways communication occurs inside the brain cells change. Other brain receptors also get directly affected including opiate and serotonin receptors that affect the pain responses and depression.

Ketamine antagonizes the receptors directly without changing hormone balances, so the effects can be experienced very fast [instant in several cases], while antidepressant kick starts after 4 to 8 weeks. As ketamine infusion offers instant relief from depression, it can be a lifesaver for very depressed people nurturing suicidal ideation.

Ketamine infusion therapy

Patients in Arlington with little success from traditional treatments are recommended ketamine infusion therapy at reputable centers like Mind Peace Clinic. First, the doctor determines, if ketamine therapy is appropriate for you or not. Your mental and medical history will be considered. Discuss any medications you are using or even talk about past or current substance abuse struggle if any.

Ketamine infusion is delivered via intravenous line and the session can last for 60 minutes or a little more. As the short term effects are mild sedation, nausea, or dizziness and a dissociative state, bring someone to drive you home after the therapy.

The dosage level of ketamine will differ. Doctors start with a low dosage and adjust until they come to a point where your symptoms get treated effectively. The standard dose to start is 4 to 8 8 mg/km. The patient needs to be awake during their depression treatment, so a high dosage is not used.

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