Health Exams You Should Consider Having


Including health exams in your regular routine are important to catch diseases early on so that they can be cured or successfully managed and prevent long-term or irreversible damage. There are many different types of medical exams that can be administered to detect disease or other health problems. There are a variety of different types of exams depending on your age, gender or current health. This includes physical exams, dental exams, exams that utilize breast health, skin health, and blood work.


It’s important to visit your doctor on a yearly basis to have a physical exam conducted. A primary care physician or a family doctor can administer a physical exam in one visit. The doctor will be assessing overall health by examining reflexes, palpitating body parts to look for unusual lumps, temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and many other evaluations. Many people opted to visit and executive health center for their exams due to the high level of tests that are not typically conducted in a standard physical exam. An executive health clinic will conduct tests on pulmonary function, fitness, nutrition, and even conduct DEXA scans as well as provide a full laboratory analysis. These thorough exams can help catch potentially debilitating diseases in early stages so that it’s easier to treat and manage.


Having a dental exam regularly can prevent cavities and gum disease. A qualified and skilled hygienist will work to clean your teeth and assess your neck, face and mouse for potential abnormalities. The hygienist and the dentist will also work with you to provide feedback on your exam and even offer treatment options to address any issues that may have been noticed.


Due to the high prevalence of breast cancer it’s important to conduct breast exams on a regular basis. You can conduct a breast exam at home which is especially important so that you’re familiar with your anatomy so that if an abnormality is noticed, you can seek out to a medical professional quickly. It’s also important to have a medical professional conduct a breast exam during your regular visit to an OBGYN as they’re trained in assessing breast health.


It’s critical for people to regularly assess their skin for any abnormalities such as discolored markings, abnormal growths or changes in moles or skin markings. It’s also a great idea to occasionally visit a dermatologist so that they may provide their insight and skills in determining your overall skin health.


There are a plethora of blood related test that can be conducted to assess factors such as hormones, cholesterol levels, potential nutritional deficiencies and even cancer. Your standard doctor can recommend specific blood test that are geared towards issues that are standard for your age or gender or that address any potential health issues you may be having. They can also work with you on deciphering the test results so that they can help address any issues that are noticed.

Including regular health exams into your routine or important to your overall health and wellness. These exams are easily tailored to your specific needs and can help your doctors work towards providing and promoting the best health possible. Whether you’re obtaining a thorough exam from an executive health center, visiting your family dentist, or having a dermatologist check on moles, it’s important to understand the need for health exams.

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