Effects of Concussions and Head Injuries – Available Treatments


Concussion occurs when you have a bump on your head or heavy blow. Violent shaking of head or a fall may also lead to concussion. Concussion causes brain to move or twist causing severe damage to brain cells. You cannot actually see a concussion and it is hard to analyze. People who had a concussion often have some brief memory loss.

Concussions must be treated fully to avoid further injury. Though it is not life-threatening one, it has serious effects if, proper care is not taken. Effects are usually not permanent, but some may cause unconsciousness. Concussions are quite common in sports, but most people recover soon.

Treatments For Concussion

Concussion can affect in any form like vision, balance, or mood. Basic treatment is taking some bed rest. Sometimes mild pain relievers and taking lot of fluids are needed. However, these may not be enough for a complete healing.

Physical therapist for concussion is becoming of great significance in concussion treatment. Specialists determine the affected area and give appropriate treatment for that.

Concussions And Head Injuries

Though brain is safely inside the skull and surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid, some blow makes the brain to move inside and it may hit the skull and get potential damage like nerve damage, brain bruising, tearing of blood vessels.

Sometimes the brain tends to swell and since it doesn’t have any space within the skull, it causes brain and brain vessels pressed together and blood flow is limited. This induces limiting the oxygen supply to brain and results in stroke. Brain swelling after a concussion has the possibility of causing severe problems.

A blow to the head can also result in a skull damage. Though it is not a severe damage by itself, it may cause damage to brain tissue and its covering.

A contusion is a bruise that involves bleeding and swelling in the brain.

Hematoma is a blood clot. A blood clot that occurred in and around the brain can cause life-threatening problems.

Common Effects Of Concussion Are

The effects of a concussion may not be seen immediately but can last for few days or weeks or even longer. Common effects can be –

  • Memory loss
  • Vomiting
  • Double or blurred vision
  • Headache
  • Confusion
  • Trouble seeing light
  • Loss of smell or taste
  • Trouble falling asleep

Immediate medical help is to be sought if any of the above effects occur after a blow to the head.

Though many people can recover from concussion quickly, for some it persists more than a week. In some cases, symptoms may get worsen like –

If the person is unconscious more than 30 seconds

  • Fluid or blood coming through ears or nose
  • Pupils of unequal size
  • Permanent ringing in ears
  • Being pale more than an hour
  • Difficulty in recognizing a person
  • Changes in physical coordination

Often a witness may find the following effects in a concussed person:

  • Temporary loss of memory
  • Forgetting events
  • Slurred speech
  • Delay in responding

In such cases, immediate medical attention is needed.

Concussion Symptoms For Children

It is hard to find symptoms in infants and toddlers after they have a concussion since, they don’t know how to explain what they feel. We can assume they had one with any of the following clues:

  • Continuous crying
  • Disinterest in favorite toy
  • Unusual behaving
  • Losing balance
  • Vomiting

Let your child have a nap if it needs to. If you feel anything is worsening, seek emergency help immediately. Your child’s recovery should be based on the symptoms assessed. Once you feel your child is recovering, be sure to avoid activities that can lead to another injury. Follow the instructions prescribed by your doctor and schedule a follow-up appointment.

Post-Concussion Complications

After a concussion people may experience problem in concentrating, mood swings, personality changes, drowsiness and insomnia. People with these problems must avoid situations that may lead to repeated concussion. Athletes who experience repeated concussion should refrain from participating in sports.

If a second concussion occurs before the complete recovery from previous one, it may be fatal brain swelling and may cause increased intracranial pressure and vascular congestion. It happens so quickly that it becomes impossible to control. Repeated concussions are higher for those who are in sports like boxing, football, baseball, basketball and such.

Post-concussion symptoms commonly occur for those who have a history of repeated concussions. Talk to the health-care provider if symptoms continue to exist or worsens.

Physical Therapy And Physical Therapist

The need for physical therapy is increasing. The multidisciplinary and multifaceted physical therapists consider, manage and create program for concussion in an efficient way and they monitor the progress and ensure return to full participation in their daily lives. One gets quicker and complete recovery through physical therapy.

Most of the concussions resolves themselves within 7 to 8 days. However, if you haven’t resolved of the symptoms then you must seek the help of physical therapist.

Concussion and symptoms are unique for everyone. Physical Therapist makes a comprehensive study on affected area by series of physical and cognitive tests and locate the root cause. They create a care plan especially for them based on the assessment and help them recover fully from the concussion occurred.

Physical Therapy’s concussion rehabilitation program consists of:

  • balance and exertion testing
  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • Aerobic exercise training
  • Pre-season baseline testing
  • Return to work and life training,
  • On-field assessment of acute concussions
  • Education

Usually lack of knowledge on concussion leads to several issues. Physical therapist creates awareness by educating sports persons and coaches. They also stress on the preventive measures to be taken. For many athletes getting an assessment from a physical therapist helps before they participate in high-risk sports.

Their knowledge on human body helps them to locate the problem area precisely. Physical therapy includes various exercises and treatment. Depending on your symptoms a physical therapist determines the best plan for you which may include massage, exercises and use of any equipment.

There are tremendous possibilities of minimizing the effect of concussion through physical therapy and physical therapists, as members of health care team facilitate that.

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