Top Tips to Find a Chandelier that Best Fits the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Stairways


Your beautiful, spiral stairway adorns your house, but it lacks some brightness and glamour. A chandelier that can blend with the aesthetics of your house is a perfect way to adorn the space while illuminating the stairs.

Chandeliers need not always be those traditional huge crystallized pieces seen in big mansions, but they can be customized to suit your style and house interiors. You can go for metallic chandeliers with LED lights or bubble pendants, or simple geometric designs. The options are endless today.

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Tips to select a stairway chandelier

Before you even start exploring stores to find out the perfect chandelier for the staircase, you need to decide what exactly you are looking for. It is very confusing once you enter a store as most of pieces are beautiful and it is difficult to choose one among them. So, use elimination to mark out the chandeliers based on the following guidelines:

1. Purpose of chandelier:

  • If the chandelier is supposed to enhance the glamour and luxurious appeal of the house, you will need to consider crystal as your main choice.
  • If you want a more subtle appeal, give geometric designs a try.
  • You will also need to consider the amount of illumination required.

2. Aesthetics and style:

  • Bubble and raindrop chandeliers go well with modern house interiors.
  • Crystal chandeliers adorn the large traditional spaces.

3. Focus of the lighting:

  • The cut of the crystals and placement of lights in a chandelier makes every piece unique in its illumination factor.
  • You need to decide first if you want a lighting fixture to illuminate a wider space or to create a more focused beam.

4. Types of chandelier:

  • Learn about the different types of chandeliers available in the stores currently and their features.
  • Narrow down your search accordingly.

5. Banister material:

  • You can easily find a chandelier that blends easily with the interiors by matching it with the banister material.
  • This is especially effective if the banister is made of nickel or iron.

6. Measurements and load capacity:

  • This is the most practical aspect that is involved in the selection of a chandelier.
  • Determine the size of the lighting fixture based on the size of the room.
  • The factors that would play a role are room size (add width and length to know the right diameter of the pendant light), height of the ceiling, and inter-stair distance.
  • Check the weight load that the ceiling electrical box installed in your home can carry.
  • You might need a change in the box if you decide to install a heavier chandelier.

Carry a picture of your staircase whenever you decide to go on the lookout for a chandelier. This will prevent you from buying a piece that does not blend well with the surroundings. It does not have to be a huge investment even affordable pieces can add a wow factor to the interior of your house.

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