Can Senior Dogs Enjoy The Health Benefits From CBD Oil?


As your pet dog ages, it suffers from aging issues like cancer, cataracts, vision loss, osteoarthritis, cognitive dysfunction, and hypothyroidism. General pain and aches are common. Senior dog’s parents can check the CBD products that can deliver relief in multiple health issues.

CBD for pets

CBD [cannabidiol] oil extracted from the hemp plant has fewer THC levels. Federally, cannabis is banned in the US. Nevertheless, if the product contains less than 0.3% THC, its use is approved at the state level for medical and recreational use.

CBD pet products with tiny THC traces are legal. The CBD can get derived from marijuana or hemp. On CBD you will get pure, hemp-based CBD for dogs, so your pet can enjoy the health benefits without any concern about getting high or psychoactive.

How CBD works on pets?

CBD does not give mind-changing effects, so it can help your senior pet handle the pain. How CBD works on your pet?

The Endocannabinoid system [ECS] plays a huge role in homeostasis maintenance. Like humans, the dogs have an ECS system that needs homeostasis maintenance. ECS regulates the cardiac, digestive, respiratory, and immune systems. It even keeps depression and anxiety suppressed as well as looks after their skin health.

cbd for dogs

Research has demonstrated that ECS gets affected because of chronic stress and CBD can stimulate it.

How CBD works on CB1 and CB2 receptors?

  • CB1 receptors are located in the central nervous system and the brain. CB1 is associated with THC and the feel is high, while CBD acts as a CB1 agonist. It works on the receptor without stimulating it. CBD does not displace THC but negates its effect at some level like counteracting psychoactive effects and enhancing memory loss.
  • CB2 receptors are present in the immune system and the peripheral tissue. CBD acts as CB2 receptor’s inverse agonist [produces effects opposite to agonist]. Its effects differ widely based on its concentration. CBD modulates some non-cannabidiol receptors, ion channels, and works through independent pathways to deliver its multiple therapeutic effects. Serotonin, vanilloid, GPR55-Orphan, PPARS-Nuclear, etc. are the different receptors CBD works on.

How CBD oil helps ailing senior dogs?

Reduces inflammation

When the body is combating against infection or injuries the result is inflammation. The symptoms of dogs suffering from inflammation are –

  • Pain
  • Heat
  • Function loss
  • Swelling
  • Redness


Hypersensitive skin can cause allergic reactions like itching and swelling. Antihistamines block specific histamine receptors to dampen the allergic symptoms. Vets prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs but the use of corticosteroids increases the immune response suppression risk. This in turn increases infection risk. CBD use helps to reduce dog inflammation and puts allergies at ease.

Musculoskeletal treatment

The dog’s musculoskeletal issues like inflammation, laminitis, joint pain, post-surgery pain, and osteoarthritis get treated with anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs. Joint conditions impact the senior dog’s tendons, joint fluid, bursae, and cartilage. All this can trigger mobility problems and so discuss CBD oil use with the veterinarians.

Nerve ending pain

Nerve injury can cause debilitating and chronic nerve ending pain. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help in reducing the nerve injury pain symptoms like low appetite, lameness, whimpering while moving, skin twitching, and muscle atrophy.

As the demand for CBD products is skyrocketing, pet parents need to be cautious when they buy CBD oils, supplements, tinctures, or capsules for their dog.

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