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Kratom Extract is very popular in the Kratom community. But, what are the benefits and drawbacks of using Kratom Extract? This article will discuss everything you need to know regarding liquid Kratom.

We finally decided that we would explore Kratom Extracts. We had been a Kratom Company that valued Kratom Powder for many years. We did not want to be part of the mainstream market that so many other vendors were concerned about.

We were in the business for quite some time and had tested the right extracts. It was then that we decided it was the right time to add our product line to the website. Because our customers highly requested them!

Here we are! Kratom Extracts can be used to increase your options.

You can skip to Happy Hippo’s Liquid Kratom Extraction to learn more about what products we sell!

What is Kratom Oil?

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa or Kratom, is a plant that grows naturally in Southeast Asia. Kratom thrives in tropical climates, so Thailand, Indonesia Malaysia, Borneo, and Malaysia are good places to find it.

Kratom’s leaves are harvested from the tree at different stages in the growth process. This is largely determined by their color. Different types of Kratom leaves have different alkaloid potentials, so Kratom farmers are able to choose the right time to pick the Kratom leaves based on the Kratom product they wish to sell.

The Kratom leaves are ground to a fine powder. This powder can be sold directly to vendors. The vendors can then choose whether to ship the powder back to them for proper sterilization, and testing, or just to sell it.

After the testing is complete, the vendor may finally begin selling the product. Kratom Powder does not always appeal to everyone.

Kratom Powder is made by extracting the alkaloids found in Kratom Powder. The primary reason Kratom consumers feel these effects is because they are consuming Mitragynineand Seven-Hydroxymitragynine.

Kratom Extracts require that you consume far fewer products to obtain more sophisticated effects.

There are three main types of Kratom Extracts. These include:

  • Kratom powder in powder form
  • Tincture Extraction: Concentrated oil/liquid Kratom. This is what Happy Hippie chose to use.
  • Rein Extract: Concentrated Kratom past

How Are Kratom’s Alkaloids Extracted From Kratom?

The food-grade ethanol used in our extracts is the same as the alcohol used in wine and beer. It is used to pull alkaloids out from the leaf.

After the Kratom powder has been pulverized, it is mixed with citric acid and ethanol. It is then heated in water until the ethanol has evaporated.

Once the paste-like semi-solid substance is created, it’s dried out and powdered back down to make powder.

After the powder has been suspended in purified water, citric acid (vitamin C), and ascorbic acids (vitamin E) are added as preservatives. Finally, vegetable USP and kosher cholesterol are added, making it an oil.

These extracts can be called ‘tinctures’.

Kratom extract: How Strong?

Kratom extracts are often 10x, 15, or 20x more powerful than Kratom Pulver!

To avoid a tolerance buildup, any user who plans on using Kratom extracts only in their Kratom journey should be aware. Kratom should only be used when it is absolutely necessary. This could be when you’re in hurry or you don’t have the time to make Kratom coffee.

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