It is inconvenient and painful to shave or wax every fortnight or so and you have to be choosy about what dress to wear, depending upon the time of your last parlour visit. Wearing a bikini for a beach weekend getaway or shorts for the summer will be impossible with stubs of hair sticking out on your skin.

Laser hair removal helps you dress as you like and when you like.  Generally, there are two types of laser heads used and approved by FDA – Alexandrite and Nd:YAg of wavelengths, 775 and 1064 nanometers respectively. To cater to various follicle diameter sizes and skin types, GentleMAX hair removal equipment, uses both the laser heads. Laser treatment has countless benefits, as compared to other methods.


 This technology is safe. It was under research and experimentation for 20 years, before it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Further research has undoubtedly proved that, under licensed and expert guidance, this method is extremely safe.


 It is effective because, it targets the hair follicles that need to be removed. You can achieve the desired result. Many studies have shown permanent hair loss in these areas. The probability of this method to achieve the desired result is the highest, when compared to the other methods.

Fast and time saving

 A bikini wax can be done in just under 20 minutes. You have a permanent solution in that time. Imagine the amount of time you would be saving, in not going for waxing and shaving every fortnight. The time needed for the procedure will vary with the target areas.

Cost effective in long run

 The initial cost is high, but you will realise that it saves you a lot of money in the long run. Just imagine the money spent on salons, depilatory creams or other types of hair removal, over the course of your life.

Effective against ingrown hair

Laser treatment does not cause ingrown hair. In certain cases, it is used to treat them. It also helps, if you are allergic to creams or razor burns.


Hair growth goes through anagen, telogen and catagen stages. Anagen stage is when the hair growth is at the peak. Laser beam is directed at the hair follicle at this stage. The heat destroys the hair follicle and stops hair regrowth. So, this method is precise.


This procedure is scientific. The results are under the control. It is easy to predict the number of sessions required for the complete removal of hair, for the target area.

Minimal side effects

It has minimal side effects, in the form of itching, follicular edema, redness or swelling. However, this disappears within few days. The pain associated with the procedure is countered with the numbing cream. The pain also dissipates in a few days.


Despite minor side effects, laser hair removal is a fuss-free procedure to give you your freedom. The important factor to remember is to consult, licensed and experienced persons to do the procedure for you.