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By submitting articles directly to i-mpressmta.com, you have the opportunity to join our team of experienced writers. We look forward to receiving your contributions. This is an excellent opportunity for you to impart your years of professional healthcare experience as well as your unique views to students and professionals who are just joining the sector.

When submitting your articles, make sure to follow these criteria, and read the frequently asked questions for more precise answers.

Putting In A Request For An Article

If we decide to pursue your submission further, we will get back to you with a response. Your contribution will be evaluated by our editors, and if you are selected to be a guest contributor, we will get in touch with you as quickly as we can, but at the very latest within three business days. If we are unable to get in touch with you within this window of time, your submission will be considered refused.

Articles must be between 600 and 2000 words in length. The articles on our website include, on average, 800 words’ worth of content.

All submissions should be written in clear, standard English and follow the format outlined above. Articles should be written in a tone that is not technical and rather in the vein of a conversation. Utilize short paragraphs, as this makes the content much simpler to read when shown on a computer screen. Examine the layout and style of the already published articles on i-mpressmta.com to have a better idea of what we anticipate in your submission.

  • You need to incorporate bullet points as a means of dividing up the text.
  • Long articles should have bold subheadings. They are used to break up long passages of text.

Articles may not contain any advertorial or promotional links inside the main body of the piece, and they are required to reference sources throughout their whole. You may also just include all of your references at the bottom of the article.

Include a brief bio along with your Twitter account and any other contact information that you may have. Bio: Articles submitted without a bio cannot be considered for publication.

Anything that falls within your areas of expertise or interests, so long as it relates to health education.

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