Is your best friend’s wedding nearing? If it is Yes, then we have come up with a great idea to celebrate her wedding with a fabulous and sweet Glitz and Glaze Donut Bridal Shower. This type of bridal shower is full of freshly baked lip-smacking donuts that are showcased on pieces of distinctive and unique DIY decors. Surround them by beautiful hues of gold and pink with a little sparkling touch for that glamorous touch to suit every party requirement.

The Table:

We will start our decoration with the table. Decorate a trendy white table with 6 place settings to include a white colored elegant dinner plates, and a clear dessert plate with Glitz and Glaze plate. This is a simple and an inexpensive method to add fun and detail to the place. To add a special touch to the setting, you can go for customized gold and white colored foil luncheon napkins with a label ” I Do” or “Say Yes to Doughnuts”.  Donuts Cypress TX is the best place to shop for donuts that can suit all types of party themes.

Glitz and Glaze Bridal Shower Donut

Once the table has been properly designed, it is now the turn to make arrangements for the feast. As the theme of the occasion is Donut, we will be choosing delicious homemade Champagne donuts. These donuts are filled with champagne syrup and then topped via white sugar crystals and champagne glaze to provide a subtle sweet treat.

Section of glasses

For serving pink lemonade cocktail, you need to arrange gold foil glasses with a matching gold striped straw. Such glasses come in customized form for brides, maids and bridesmaids. They not just look good but also make amazing favors.

The Centerpiece:

Decoration of centerpiece is another important thing that you need to do. To decorate it you would need to arrange for a gold sparkle table runner. Paint the table with planter boxes covered in golden color contact paper.

Drill holes in the table to fit in coated wooden dowels. Complete the look of your gorgeous center table by adding a pile of delicious and towering donuts. Fill the pockets of the table with glazed donut holes. These donuts can be given out as favors also.

The Donut Wall:

The most preferred piece of decoration and the prime point of the bridal shower is the DIY Donut Wall. Get an affordable pegboard from any local hardware shop and use wood glue to stick painted a gold contact paper and a wooden peg covered with stained wood sign. Make it detailed with white or pink letters to mention “Glitz and Glaze”

Backdrop Sign

Decorate the pegboard with an artificial eucalyptus greenery garland, Artificial floral stems, gold sparkle diamond food choices and fresh colored coordinating flowers.


These are the entire planning that you need to perform when organizing a donut bridal shower party. I am sure not just the bride but also all the invited guests would appreciate this theme.