Get to Know Unwritten Escorting Rules


Every business communication has unwritten rules. For example, banks are aware of what to anticipate from customers and vice versa. A business transaction can be tricky to complete, if the services get purchased using innuendo, code words, and acronyms. A clear set of ground rules can save a lot of trouble.

First time approach in any kind of business can be more troublesome just like the experience you had when you did the taxes for the first time. If it is your first time with an escort then here are some tips on what is expected from their customers.

What to expect from an escort will depend on the kind you choose?

There are Walmart varieties or hookers, who may be addicts and cheap. Remember, you get what you pay for even untreatable disease! Street walkers are a group of girls who post ads on Craigslist and have a motel room. They are more expensive. Some street walkers even work in the alleyways and cars.

A high-end escort hired from reputable directory like is totally different than the street hookers. They have been verified manually. They have a safe and clean condo from where they offer their services.

Moreover, they are clean and expect their clients to be the same. In-call and out-call services are also offered. On the escort provider’s website there will reviews and many other things you get to know of what to anticipate from them?

Know what type of experience you wish to enjoy with the escort. For example do you prefer porn star experience or a girlfriend experience because both are different kind of service options? PSE or Porn Star Experience includes a bareback blowjob and client can cum within her mouth or face. The cost is more for this service.

Girlfriend Experience is cuddling, kissing and cunnilingus. So, learn their jargons, so you know what to ask for.

First encounter on the phone…..

Many escorts contact their first-time customer via phone. It helps to put clients an ease and she gets an idea of what the clients want. She feels that the guy is paying, so why not fulfill his fantasy. A good escort helps customers to identify their fantasy.

If you made a call from pay phone or blocked number than she will talk but ask you to call back from unblocked number. In case, you wish for an out-call to a hotel room then you will be asked the hotel name, room’s extension number and call in advance to make sure you answer.

Obviously, escorts expect first time callers to give a fake name. During intimacy, if the escort calls that fake name to let him know that she is enjoying and he may stiffen. This look bad but you can give her your first name, she is not asking for your full name.

First meeting in person……

Escorts are strict about time, so they offer a slot. They expect to be paid within five minutes after you met her. Have an envelope with agreed amount of cash ready. Be gentle and avoid making her feel terrible. She is free to turn you down as a client is free to leave if he feels he is falling for bait and switch.

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