Few Different Types of Bongs That You Can Use


If you like to smoke cannabis then you may be looking for a suitable bong for you, and you may find bongs made of many different kinds of materials and of many different designs and shape too.

Due to the presence of so many types of Bongs, it may be little difficult to choose a suitable bong for you so that you may know that it is the right bong for you. In this small article, we have picked up few of the commonly available bong for your knowledge.

  1. Metal bongs

Metal bongs are popular because of affordability and durability. However, since they are not transparent, it is difficult for Stoners to see inside it. Also, you cannot easily add any accessories like quartz bangers or ash catchers with them.

2. Glass bongs

Glass bongs are most popular variety of bong for following reasons:

  • Firstly, it is possible to create various designs by using glass that can add functionality and beauty
  • For improving the performance and make, glass bongs smoother and cooler for smoking ice catches, percolators, diffused down-stems and many other bong accessories are available. So, you can one that is convenient for you.

3. Silicone bongs

Silicon bongs are almost unbreakable, and can easily be folded up. Also, they are dishwasher safe as well as extremely affordable. However, most of them may not be easily fitted with accessories.

4. Acrylic bongs

Such bongs are available in many sizes and designs and cheaper too. However, they can break easily and can be unsafe to use.

5.  Ceramic bongs

Ceramic bongs too offer excellent smoking experience and also extremely durable. They are also less sensitive to various temperature changes in comparison with glass bongs, but they cannot be easily accessorized.

6 Bamboo bongs

Bamboo made bongs is also popular and can be quite durable too. If you can treat well then it can last longer.

7. Carburetor bongs

If your bong has a hole then it can be called as carburetor bong and many people think that they are able to produce an intense hit. By releasing your finger from the hole, you can allow fresh air inside it.

8. Beaker-shaped bong

In the beaker-shaped bong, the bottom will be flared into cone shape, which appears like a beaker. Beaker bongs usually are more stable due to a larger base.

Smoking process by using beaker-shaped bong remains the same:

  • Add water
  • Add cannabis
  • Then fir

9. Round -base bong

Such bongs are quite similar to the above beaker-shaped bongs where base is much wider than tube and mouthpiece. They have a water chamber that is sphere-shaped with flat base.

Usually, they are slightly-less stable as compared to beaker bongs, as their flat surface is little smaller.

10. Multi-chamber bong

They are also called recycler bong, and come in many shapes. This can produce much cooler and smoother smoke as compared to many other types of bongs.

Due to their complexity, these multi-chamber bongs usually are little more difficult to make and hence they are more expensive. Multi-chamber bongs are difficult to clean.

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