Caring for Your Pet in the Age of Coronavirus


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us, even staff here at your animal hospital in Jacksonville. The changes raise the question of how to care for your pet in the age of “stay-home” policies, shutdowns and other disease control measures. Here is some practical advice.

You Might Be Stressing Your Pet

Your pet is not anxious because of the pandemic, but your suddenly being around all the time might be throwing them for a loop. Pets also pick up on emotional cues, so if you are extremely worried about what is going on, your pet might pick up on it and behave oddly.

Buy Food, Etc. When it is Available

For many under pandemic restrictions opportunistic shopping is the name of the game. The same should hold true for your pets. You should always have about a month’s worth of food, litter, etc., so if you have gotten below that point and see some, grab it. The same goes for any other pet supplies you normally buy.

Play Indoor Games When Possible

Your pets need exercise, but when you are not supposed to go out, regular exercise can suffer. Setting aside some time exercise your pet indoors is critical to maintaining their good health. Playing with them indoors should be controlled so nothing gets damaged, but should exercise them in a similar manner to what they do outside.

If You Do Go Out

If you walk your pet outside, make sure you observe “social distancing” rules and try and go during off hours when fewer people will be in your path. You should also take your pet if it is appropriate if you run any type of errands; that gives them a break from the new routine and exercises their minds.

Have a Plan

Hopefully, you will not become infected or if you do, the symptoms and effect of the virus will be minimal. You still need, however, a plan for if you need hospitalization. Arrange for a loved one or friend to assume custody of the dog if you have no one living with you. If you do, have a plan for their regular routine. This includes listing your pet’s vet and an animal hospital near Jacksonville to make sure all is covered in an emergency.

Have an Info Packet

Putting together an information packet that details contact information as well as instructions for medication, etc. is a good idea. Make sure the information is clearly marked and easy to locate. This will allow anyone assuming control to adequately care for your pet.

Eventually, things will get back to normal, for you and your pet. Until then, knowing where an animal hospital in Jacksonville is located is a good idea as is following the advice above.

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