Eco-friendly Reusable Grocery Bag Options to Consider


The world is choking under infinite heaps of plastic bags. To prevent more damage to living beings and environment, steps to choose an eco-friendly bag option is necessary. Recycling of plastic escalates carbon footprint. On global level less than 5% plastic gets recycled in proportion to the 1 trillion being used annually.

For betterment of earth, people need to switch to polypropylene reusable bags or paper bags or handy tote bags, which last longer and look appealing.

Eco friendly reusable grocery bags

Cotton grocery bags with dividers

Cloth grocery bags are capable to hold plenty of stuff. The content within the bag can move around once in motion. For keeping purchase organized and avoid them getting crushed, you can choose a cloth tote bag with several pockets. It allows to organize bottles, vegetables, biscuits, and other stuff from the grocery store.

Benefits of cotton tote with divider

  • Eco-friendly, so safe to use with food and babies.
  • Pockets allow air and water to flow, so bag gets washed and dried properly
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Biodegradable
  • Grocery stuff can be organized properly

Insulated shopping tote bag

Insulated tote helps to keep frozen foodstuff frozen for long till you reach home. Even hot things can be kept hot, so ideal for occasions like potlucks, BBQs, beach, and picnic. Check online for insulated grocery bags wholesale rates. Besides saving on the discount you can reap other benefits like –

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Leak proof
  • Multi use
  • Waterproof
  • Spills can be cleaned easily with plastic liner

Reusable mesh bags

If you buy nuts or grains in small quantity then choose mesh bags. These can be used to store veggies and fruits in the refrigerator.

  • Options to choose include large, medium and small size
  • No toxic chemicals used
  • Slightly see through, which allows to see the produce stored inside
  • Double stitched
  • High quality material
  • Machine washable

Canvas reusable shopping bag

These can be used hundred times more than plastic bags. Environmental impact of these is lower as you can regularly use the shopping totes. You can buy canvas tote bags with different shapes, sizes, and types.

Keep them in your car trunk, so when you go shopping the temptation to buy plastic bag vanishes. With different sizes of canvas grocery bags, you can manage every kind of groceries. Canvas totes are resistant to wear & tear. They can be repurposed, when their lifecycle comes to an end.

Paper shopping bags

Paper is biodegradable but to make it an eco-friendly choice use of trees, water and electricity is required. If you choose to use recycled paper bags instead then they are frail and not hold groceries. When paper bags are not in use they can be incinerated, composted or repurposed.

You can see that cotton, canvas, and paper bags are eco-friendly choices. Producing plastic bags is cheap than producing canvas/cotton totes but their afterlife and lifecycle criteria must not be neglected. These are biodegradable and easy on the environment, when they end up in landfills.

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