Over the last 4 years, CBD oil has turned into a most talked about product in the world. Nowadays, you can find thousands of companies marketing their CBD oil, and hence CBD market has become a most confusing place. Therefore, how will you know that CBD oil that you are buying is really a genuine product?

Now you have so many choices, but many people are quite unfamiliar with CBD products. This market is still not properly regulated by government and under this scenario, it is really very difficult for any consumers to convince themselves whether they are buying the right product.

A high-quality of CBD oil can always be a very powerful way to alleviate your sufferings. Therefore, it has become very important that you must ensure that CBD oil that you buy is perfectly genuine and it will be effective for you.

If you are looking for genuine cannabis oil, then buy online from https://justcbdstore.uk/. They are genuine suppliers of good quality of CBD products. However, in this article, we shall try to know how you can identify the genuine CBD product for your consumption.

Before that, we will tell you why any fake CBD oil can be dangerous for your health. Following are few reasons why you must avoid buying any fake CBD oil.


Often people get sick due to additives present while vaping CBD oil. Due to presence few unnecessary additives such as Vitamin E acetate, propylene glycol, sweeteners and artificial colourings it can be harmful for your health.

2. Heavy metals

If hemp is not grown in a controlled environment then it can absorb many toxins from the soil, which can contaminate the CBD. Many unscrupulous hemp growers try to avoid the expense of creating controlled environment and hence certain heavy metals can contaminate CBD which is often poisonous too.

3. Other toxins

Few other toxins like xeno-estrogens, which are very harmful industrial substances that can exert several negative effects on our genetics and endocrinology.

How to know whether CBD oil is genuine?

1.How seller is describing the CBD oil

Is the supplier providing sufficient info about the product or only highlighting its benefits?

2. Whether high percentage of CBD mentioned in label?

If the supplier is mentioning higher than 60% CBD in their label then it may be suspicious.

3. How is appearance of oil?

Make sure that CBD colour is brown, green or amber.

4. How does it smell or taste?

Genuine CBD will have an earthy taste.

Few red flags

  1. Avoid buying any product, which is either made in China and also any product from Chinese hemp.
  2. If the product is offered at unbelievably low price
  3. Suspect the product if it claims containing very high mg.
  4. Reject the product if it is marketed with only medical claim.


Prefer to buy CBD products from authenticated source which has got good reputation in the market. As such, by consuming CBD, it will be difficult to know about genuine product, as the dosage may always vary from person to person.