Different Types Of Tea Which You Would Like To Try


Tea is one of the most popular beverages and all thanks to its refreshing effects and the lesser amount of caffeine present in it. Since ancient times, tea was made by soaking the leaves in water, thus giving it the desired amount of flavor and taste. Most people prefer to use tea over coffee.

Some of the most common tea varieties we know are white tea, green tea, oolong tea, black tea, and herbal tea. All these are derived from one same plant and i.e. the Camellia sinensis plant whereas there are some that do not come from any plant.

To all you tea lovers, here in this article we are writing about the importance of each tea type:

White tea: It is the least processed one. These leaves are left to dry and wither on their own. Thus, it gives it a very delicate, naturally sweet, and white texture. The flavor of this tea is floral and fruity. It has the least amount of caffeine present in it.

Green Tea: This is very popular as most of us prefer using it. It is unoxidized and that is the reason it has very little caffeine present in it. Once it is plucked from the plant, it is dried and heated so that it doesn’t oxidize. It has a very grassy or earthy flavor.

Oolong Tea: This is a traditional Chinese tea that is a mediator between green tea and black tea. Oolong tea is partially oxidized, and therefore it has a specific color and taste. The leaves when plucked are firstly bruised by tossing or shaking in the basket which is responsible for the changes in the oxidation process. Then they are heated to stop the oxidation process when required, which gives it that particular flavor. The flavor would range from being light to dark depending on the oxidation level.

Loose-leaf tea can be better as they have the high- quality tea leaves in them and will provide the best of flavors, aroma, and exact color. You can buy the best loose leaf oolong tea from the vendor Yoshan Tea who has been in this industry since the mid of 19th century. They have a mission in mind to preserve and continue with this art of making an outstanding tea for everyone.

Black Tea: This is also one of the most popular ones which are fully oxidized and hence have the highest level of caffeine content in them. The leaves once plucked from the plant are all withered, rolled, oxidized, and dried and therefore have a strong and rich flavor.

Herbal Tea: These tea leaves don’t come from the plant where all the other leaves come from. This particular tea is made from all the dried herbs, some fruits, and vegetables which can all create a different kind of flavor in them. This has a zero level of caffeine in them and hence can be used by many people who have dietary restrictions. This has a delicate and sweet flavor.

In real terms, tea has various health benefits but you need to avoid some which are specifically made for weight loss as they have laxatives in them which are harmful to your health.

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