How to Take Care of Your Thin Fine Hair


If you have baby fine hair you are not alone. Here are ways you can take good care of your thin hair so it can look and feel its best.


Taking good care of your hair can begin when you wash it. Try to give yourself a scalp massage for a few minutes. This will stimulate blood flow and encourage hair growth. Focus on shampoos and conditioners that have light moisturizers and avoid ones with heavy formulas. You can also find the best thickening shampoo for your specific hair needs.

When you apply conditioner, focus on the ends of the hair rather than the roots. Too much conditioner at the scalp will make hair appear thinner and oilier. Dry your hair upside down using your fingers to lift the roots, then when the hair is mostly dry, use a round brush to dry and shape the rest of the hair, being careful not to tug on the hair too tightly.


Thin hair is already fragile, so show it some extra love by avoiding heat styling with flat irons and curling irons. Use heat-free methods like velcro rollers and cloth curlers, or use a light texturizing spray for waves instead. Dry shampoo and root volume sprays are other products that can help give volume where it is needed most.

If you have thin hair, pick hairstyles that work with your hair’s texture and not against it. Since thin hair tapers down towards the ends, avoid long stringy styles. If you use styling products they can build up and weigh the hair down, so it can be useful to use a clarifying shampoo once a week or so. You can also use sprays that have fibers for filling in roots and other thin areas.


Along with washing and styling there are other ways you can help your fine hair. One is to incorporate cinnamon, collagen, protein, and vitamin B into your diet. Along with introducing good foods, you should keep the bad foods out. Avoid white processed sugars, aspartame, and carbs, which have been linked to hair thinning and loss. Instead, focus on whole foods, natural sugars, and keep your stress levels low.

There are many topical remedies you can use as well. You should find the best thickening shampoo for your hair type and give your hair a break from breaking. Let it loose, and try to keep ponytails, tight buns, and other up-dos to a minimum. There are more intensive medications and serums available on the market if you have extensive thinning or loss, but you should talk with your doctor or dermatologist first.

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