Speech Therapy For Speech and Language Disorder Treatment in Kids and Adults


What is Speech Disorder?

Generally, a child, who is under 5 years of age, takes time to pick speech and language. Still, some kids grasp faster. It is useless to compare kids because every individual has their personality and characteristics. So what is speech disorder?

Speech and language disorder makes it difficult for a child to understand languages. They will neither be able to speak with others nor will they make sounds of speech. It is commonly found in 1 out of 12 kids and teens. These kids often have trouble learning reading and writing. This also makes them aloof in social gatherings. However, children can improve speech impairment through speech therapy.

Eastside Speech Solution is a private speech pathology Sydney that helps people communicates in a better way. They have different therapy programs for different age groups because they believe that learning ability differs for all age groups. They provide a wide variety of therapies to help in literacy, pronunciation problem, apraxia, stuttering, accent modifications or reduction, language disorder, or delays. Due to the COVID19 spread, you can also take their online classes for the therapy while staying home.

Remember, adults can also have speech disorder which may have started in childhood but was not taken care of, or problems like brain injury, cancer, dementia, and stroke.

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is a treatment of communication problems or speech disorders. This therapy is performed by speech-language pathologists (SLP). There are different types of therapies for different kinds of problems. Language intervention activities, or articulation therapy, etc. are some of the therapies that are used to help those with speech disorders.

Speech Therapy for kids

Speech disorder for kids is a shock as they’re unable to understand anything. They’re still growing and compared to other kids they feel to be slow in learning. Other kids might make fun of your kid or they may isolate your kid. Speech therapy for kids varies depending upon their age, needs, and disorder. The SLP will –

  • Interact with the kid using books, pictures, and other objects which will help in talking and playing with them.  It helps in stimulating language development.
  • They will play with kids the model correct sounds and syllable game which will teach the child to make certain sounds.
  •  The SLP will involve parents and caretakers in the speech therapy activities. They will provide homework to parents as well which has to be done with the child.

Speech Therapy for Adults

Often adults who have to take speech therapy are going through a certain medical condition like, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s oral cancer, stroke, etc. For adults, speech therapy will help in improving their speech, cognitive-communication, and language. The SLP will include –

  • The organization, memory, and problem-solving activities improve cognitive-communication.
  • Conversational tactics are used to improve social interactions.
  • Breathing exercises to improvise resonance.
  • Various facial and muscle exercises to strengthen oral muscles.

Speech therapy is helpful to everyone facing trouble in communicating. However, it has shown positive results in kids more than adults. It is because the kids learn faster than adults. Certain disorders due to a medical condition can improve with treatment and medication.

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