How Cancer Research Funding Can Be A Helpful Health Investment?


Cancer research can make changes and save lives. The aim to study cancer includes developing methods that can prevent, identify, detect, treat and cure variety of cancer. Cancer research needs partnership and collaboration including clinicians, researchers, patients and charities to interpret past discoveries into today’s development and tomorrow’s cure.

Cancer research funding is vital

Better the scientists understand the disease, the more advancement they will make in lessening the monstrous human and financial tolls associated with cancer. Even if cancer drugs are expensive donating funds to cancer research is crucial. Enhancing cancer treatment is not developing and testing enhanced drugs.

Drug discovery is crucial but research can go beyond it. For example, cancer treatment involves surgery or chemotherapy. Both areas need intensive research, which are not appealing to commercial funders. Huge effort is made against diagnosis and treatment monitoring. Moreover, every now and then new potential biomarker is discovered that helps to identify cancer, which needs to be linked with large research studies.

Fortunately, Molecular Photos is creating art from real cancer image and proceeds of these are donated for cancer research. The designers work along with highly trained pathologist to augment every slide and transform it into an artwork.

Cancer research covers vast area

Cancer research is not only enhancing treatment and detection aspects but it is necessary to identify the causes, who suffers from it and why. The research area is vast. For example, everyone is aware that the food ingested determines cancer risk but how to eliminate this jeopardy is still not known. Wide studies and surveys are ongoing across the world to find out how diet and lifestyle choices affect cancer risk.

Besides there is also research going on for cancer genes fault. After finding potent gene errors like in BRCA genes, the researchers are probing wider to find small genetic variations associated with cancer threats.

This research is expensive, slow paced and time consuming but essential to understand who can get cancer. Over past years new gene errors associated with lung, bowel, prostate, and breast cancer have been discovered.

Research is collective

Every research is constructed on the work of its past project. Even the years of failed research is helpful because it has laid down the groundwork. If researcher is certain that the experiment will work then he/she will not learn anything new. It is a lonely and frustrating process including judgment and luck. Failed research adds to human knowledge and when communicated with others, no one will repeat the same mistake.

Cancer research funding are great health investments

Cancer prevention research has witnessed the decrease of tobacco use, which in turn has decreased cancer and chronic disease risk. Therefore, it is necessary that the community keeps on supporting cancer research, so as to dampen its possibility and death rate.

Cancer prevention may go unnoticed in a specific person because it is hard to know. However, everyone can be grateful to the researchers toiling in this field. Large population will benefit from knowledge and evidence obtained from cancer research investments.

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