Great-Looking Lawns Add to Curb Appeal

One of the first things about a home that grabs your attention when you’re driving around – besides the house itself, of course – is the lawn. There’s nothing more appealing about a yard than a lawn that’s lush, green, and perfectly manicured. Even lawns that are hardscaped – if done correctly – add significantly to a home’s curb appeal. But how do you get that picture-perfect lawn?

Well, if you don’t have a natural green thumb, you can take classes, watch YouTube videos and use a lot of trial and error. After a few years you may have perfected it. Or you can do it the easy way, by hiring a company that does lawn care services in Atlanta.

What Can a Lawn Care Service Do?

Naturally you want a company that can turn brown grass into green, and eliminate whatever weeds, mushrooms or other things that are growing in your lawn that shouldn’t be. Any lawn care service company in Atlanta should perform an analysis of your lawn’s turf and soil, whether the lawn shows signs of having insects making their home there, etc. The analysis should also include how much sunlight and shade your yard gets and what your schedule is for mowing and watering. That information will help them determine what type of treatment plan your lawn needs and how often.

Beyond that, you may want a company that can offer advice about and perform aeration, weed control, fertilizer, disease diagnostics and prevention, even advice about and care of trees and shrubs. If you want part or all your yard hardscaped, there are some companies that are very skilled at offering alternatives for having a non-traditional yard.

The main thing is to have some idea of what you want your yard to look like and have the pros tell you whether they can help you accomplish that and, if so, how. If you have some pictures of what you’d like, show them to the lawncare professional you’re thinking of hiring. Even if they can’t help you with hardscaping, they may be able to refer you to someone. Working together with them, you could have the best of both worlds – maybe one thing for your front lawn, and something different for the back yard, where children or pets may play and roam.

Finding the Right Company

Search for a company with years of experience under their belt. They should also have a keen understanding of Atlanta climate and plant life that is native to Georgia. Make sure they come highly recommended by references they provide you and that there are no complaints with the Better Business Bureau or other agencies. Their membership in professional organizations shows they endorse and adhere to strict industry standards and are open to learning new things to stay ahead of their competition.

If you have children or pets, especially dogs who dig, make sure they use materials and/or chemicals that are child- and pet-safe, even if something accidentally gets ingested. You want to keep all members of your family safe; and that should be the ultimate goal of any company you hire.

So, whether you simply want a great-looking lawn that’s safe for children and pets to play in, or you are planning to sell your home and want to make a terrific first impression to buyers, let a company offering lawn care services in Atlanta help you do that.

Ways to Alleviate Menopausal Symptoms

Whether you prefer at-home remedies or professional ones, and whether your symptoms are small or severe, here are some ways you can help alleviate the side effects of menopause.

Physical Solutions

Hot flashes are one of the most popular symptoms associated with menopause. One way you can help manage them is by keeping track in a diary. After a few entries you may notice a pattern or particular trigger, so you will be able to avoid behaviors, or be prepared when the next one comes. Some other tips are to keep a cool pack under your pillow at night, and use cooler clothing and bedding with natural fibers that breathe.

Yoga, Tai Chi, massage, exercise, acupuncture, and meditation are good ways to relieve stress, promote better sleep, and help with circulation and flexibility. If you experience vaginal dryness and sensitivity you can use over the counter moisturizers and lubricants. Look for ones that are water based and ask your gynecologist or physician for recommendations. You may experience acne as your hormone levels fluctuate, so look for cosmetics that are safe for sensitive skin and are marked as “noncomodogenic” or “nonacnegenic”.

Dietary Solutions

The choices you make for your diet and nutrition are crucial during menopause. You should consume foods and drinks that are rich in calcium and vitamin-D. Fruits, veggies, protein, and dairy are all good food groups to incorporate into your diet. Avoid foods with caffeine, alcohol, hot spices, refined sugar, and processed foods. You should drink plenty of water and avoid skipping meals.

Certain herbs can be beneficial as well. Black cohosh, ginseng, and St John’s wort are just a few examples that can be effective in helping alleviate some of the symptoms of menopause. As with any dietary change, you should consult your doctor because some herbs will react with medications and should not be taken by those with specific medical concerns.

Professional Solutions

For those who are struggling to find balance and enjoy life during menopause, hormone therapy in Austin, TX, may be a good choice. This can help address more serious issues and provide some much needed relief.

While menopause is a natural part of life, you are not, and do not, have to go through it alone. Having a close friend, spouse, support group, mentor, pastor, or counselor to talk to can help with the emotions that will come up. Whether you take up a new hobby, call a friend, change your diet, or participate in hormone therapy in Austin, TX, there are many ways you can not just survive menopause, but thrive.

4 Beneficial Features of Practice Management Software

Practice Management Software helps healthcare professionals with the day-to-day operations of a medical practice. The software serves as a systemized collection and storage of patient records and other data that are essential to running your practice. It’s a one-stop shop for all the information you need in terms of patient care. This software can also be used in other health care settings like a medical resort. Affordable Med Spa Software, for instance, provides accessibility and convenience for both small and large medical practices. Read on to find out how else this software can help you.

Patient Access

The patient access feature allows your patients to make transactions with your practice in a hassle-free way. They can set appointments, update their contact information, and fill out forms through an online portal instead of going to your office. Patients can view and download other important documents as well, such as their appointment and billing history.

What makes this feature even better is that your patients can do all these things anytime and anywhere. The portal can be accessed through a laptop and even a smartphone.

Patient Records

In any practice, you need a great relationship with your patients. This is especially true for those in the health care industry. After all, your patients need to know that they can count on you. One way you can do this, if not the best way to do this, is by extending personalized care and services.

How can you tailor your services to each of your patients? The answer: by keeping historical records of their transactions with your practice. With this feature, you’ll be able to take note of your patient’s preferences and use those to provide personalized services and even discounts or special offers during important dates like their birthday.


Speaking of important dates, the software also has a versatile calendar feature. The calendar can help you keep track of patient appointments and employee schedules, so there’ll be no conflicts, and it’ll be guaranteed that someone is available to accommodate every patient. You can also ensure that the equipment needed for specific procedures will be available during each appointment, so there’ll be no room for a service that’s only second best.

Staff Records

This feature enables you to perform processes related to human resources. Just like how you can check your patient’s schedules, you can also do the same for your employees. You can keep track of their working hours, as well as run, edit, approve, and keep records of their payroll. This feature gives you a faster and more efficient way of managing your staff.

Given all these features, there’s no question that practice management software can be highly beneficial to your health care practice. If you need more information about this versatile digital tool, get in touch with companies that offer this software.

What Is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing?

Each individual who suffers from PTSD must find a way to conquer his or her trauma and move on. The best PTSD treatment center will provide you with a variety of treatment options as well as the time, resources, and support needed to heal.

Many PTSD treatment centers are incorporating a new type of therapy into their programs. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a unique approach to connecting mind and body for healing.

EMDR Overview

Dr. Francine Shapiro, the founder of EMDR, believes that the type of eye movement that occurs during REM sleep is related to how our memories, emotions, and physical sensations develop and fix in our minds. EMDR uses bilateral stimulation to activate eye movement similar to that in REM sleep. In this state, patients may be able to break up and revise the memory of their trauma.

EMDR treatment begins with the patient speaking with an EMDR-trained psychologist or therapist. Together, the patient and EMDR practitioner identify memory targets related to the patient’s trauma. After a few sessions in which the patient and practitioner identify memory targets, the actual EMDR treatment can begin.

Experiencing EMDR

During the initial sessions, the practitioner will work with the patient on skills for managing stress, taking notes and journaling, mindfulness meditation, and other strategies. These methods will help the patient deal with the feelings that may arise through the EMDR process.

When the practitioner decides the patient is ready for treatment, they will ask the patient to select one target memory related to their trauma. This specific memory will be the focus of that day’s session.

While the patient focuses on their target memory, the practitioner will use bilateral stimulation methods to disrupt the memories of the trauma. The most common bilateral stimulation method involves the practitioner moving their fingertips back and forth as the patient follows their fingers with their eyes without moving their heads. Other types of bilateral stimulation include tapping on the back of the patient’s hands or playing audio bilateral tones.

EMDR attacks the memories of physical sensations, visual trauma, and negative beliefs related to a patient’s PTSD. While some patients will have more success with EMDR than others, the option of trying this type of treatment is one of the benefits of attending an in-patient PTSD treatment program. EMDR is just one of many therapy options available at the best PTSD treatment center.

Flip The Manicure, The New Nail Art Trend

Have nice hands but it’s important to have beautiful nails is even more! Sometimes ridged and brittle nails need of care; fortunately Cosmo gives you all the tricks to have beautiful white and perfect nails. How to grow her nails? How to have long and strong nails? What manicure adopt: caviar manicure, manicure velvet, leather manicure, vintage manicure? Cosmo is here to help!

Image result for new nail art 2019

The nail art comes to infinity. Manicure fur, caviar manicure, manicure velvet … It’s a real race to the originality! And in this area, manicure or reverse manicure Flip could win first place. Explanations.

The nail art is definitely one of polish trends for fall-winter 2014-2015. Impossible to miss. And the radius nail art, a new girl has just made ​​its appearance: the flip manicure.

A Stunning Manicure

“Flip manicure” could mean “reverse manicure”. Indeed, it is to focus on the inner part of the nail, been under-exploited.

Drawings, stickers, jewelry, anything is possible in decoration! One imperative: the nail must have a certain length.

If the trend can be applied to natural nails, false nails have a distinct advantage: their rigidity.

A Manicure Far from Express!

You can imagine, the Flip manicure requires patience, take your time to make an accurate and flawless manicure.

Or from your manicurist? Julie, nail artist says “Sit back and make yourself comfortable, because this type of manicure takes between 2 and 2:30.”

You are warned!

How to Flip a Manicure?

This is the same year that a classic nail art, only the portion of the nail changes. Get inspired nail art tutorials that exist about it!

Finally we recommend Nail Salon in Midtown East Manhattan and Nail salon in Downtown Manhattan for more details.

Cereal Is The Enemy! Protein Is The Breakfast Of Kings!

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Coincidentally, at the same time as being encouraged by a friend to try the NEW Atkins diet (which isn’t as dangerous for your heart as the old version) – which encourages you to have balanced amounts of healthy fats and protein, cut out sugar, and minimise the number of carbs you can eat each day – I also came across the DVCC’s latest article on how important a protein filled breakfast is for weight loss. Excellent timing!

I’m not advocating the Atkins diet based on any nutritional education, as neither my friend nor I have any qualifications to do so. However, my friend is a really lovely size 10, and I have managed to lose 11 Ibs over the first 3 weeks on the Atkins diet.  If the following information on protein & fat being better for your diet than cereals and toast inspires you to change though, I would recommend looking in to the Atkins meal plans and carbohydrate counter tool – as you’d be surprised to learn which fruit, veg and dairy actually contain overly high levels of sugar and carbohydrate.

The advice from DVCC and the meal plans on New Atkins do seem to sing from the same hymn sheet. I thought I’d investigate further into what the deal is – as it seems very bizarre to be ‘dieting’ and still dining in luxury with mushrooms and bacon, or salmon and eggs for breakfast every day, and to be ‘forbidden’ from eating cereal – which until now I have eaten religiously in the pursuit of a flatter stomach.

First thing’s First – why are Cereals and Other Typical Breakfast Foods so Bad?

Well, obviously there’s sugar. For children’s cereal there’s added sugar, but even for healthy adult options such as fruit & fibre, which was a staple of mine for years, there’s more sugar in a serving (from the dried fruit) than 1/3 of your daily recommended intake for sugar. Current recommendations are that people should only consume 50g a day, (muesli/fruit & fibre etc. often have between 15g and 20g per serving), but recommendations are for this value to be halved due to rising obesity levels! Of course, if you’re filling up on your recommended sugar intake on what you deem to be ‘healthy’ breakfasts, and then eat fruit for snacks, and sweet potato or other veg for dinner, you will be way over your daily recommended intake before you’ve even treated yourself to a low fat (read higher sugar) vanilla latte or a chocolate bar – which to be honest, most of us do even when we’re being mostly ‘good’. Sugar is everywhere – and the best thing to do is to avoid added sugar at all costs, to avoid ‘low fat’ products such as yogurts, milk and butters (opt for the pure full fat options, just watch the quantity used)

Other common misconceptions of ‘healthy breakfasts’ range from fruit smoothies (way too high in sugar), wholemeal or white toast/bread, which itself contains up to 3g sugar (before you add honey, jam, marmalade etc.), low fat yogurts with fruit, or even pure fruit juices.

Other than navigating through the maze of breakfast options to make sure you AVOID sugar, you also need to select a meal which will provide you with the right nutrients for healthy body, mind, and weight loss (if you’re trying to lose weight). If you try to weigh up the recommended calorie allowance, sugar intake, fat intake, and remain under these limits, whilst also trying to ensure you get enough portions of fruit, veg, protein and other essential nutrients to ensure your body has everything it needs, it can become a really daunting task. It can be especially difficult when it comes to doing a weekly shop, planning what to eat for dinner in relation to what you’ve already consumed so far in the day, and most of all when you’re having to find meals in a hurry or out and about!

Benefits of Protein, Good Fats, and Fibre:

So, other than looking for breakfast foods which don’t have high sugar/carb content in, you also want to seek out food which has protein, good fats, and fibre. The choice of what you eat for breakfast sets up the way your brain will function for the day – so, that’s quite important! You’ve probably heard it said that you need energy, protein, nutrients for your brain to function to its best, and it’s entirely true. As if that’s not enough reason to go protein-focused for breakfast, how about the fact that protein fills you up in a better way than cereals? Cereal doesn’t give you the right energy for the day, and doesn’t leave you feeling as full for as long as protein and good fats do – leading to hunger & snacking.

From first-hand experience over the past few weeks on New Atkins, I can vouch for the fact that you can feel full from bacon, egg, and spinach, or mushrooms, eggs and asparagus can really fill you up. I normally want to snack by 11ish, and I honestly don’t feel hungry. The other great things about New Atkins is that you can still have treats. Whether you buy their branded snacks or use them for inspiration, there are chocolate treats or coconut-y treats which because some of the more sugary content has been exchanged for purer ingredients, and they have fibre and fat instead, they are fine for the diet! So you don’t have to be able to resist temptation nor go hungry – 2 things I’ve always suffered from in previous diets.

Furthermore, protein is good for healthy skin, nails, muscles, cartilage, and blood, amongst other things. It helps build and repair tissue too, as well as being a slower release form of energy.

Eggs – not true that they’re bad for cholesterol as previously thought, ok to eat more often. They also are a great source of choline which is needed to keep your brain and nervous system healthy. They also contain mostly good fats, so are a great staple to cover both bases! Salmon or white fish are also excellent sources of protein, and similarly contain a variety of the good fats and nutrients. You should aim for 2 servings of salmon/sardines/tuna/mackerel a week!

Healthy fats are monounsaturated, or polyunsaturated, and bad fats are trans and saturated.  Healthy fats come from things like avocados, almonds, cashews, coconuts and pecans, and these actually help to improve cholesterol! Olive oil is another great source of healthy fats, don’t overdo it as with any of the fats, but using it for cooking or dressing salads is better for you than using low fat cooking oils or salad dressings (which will contain sugar and carbs!).

Fibre is also vital for a healthy body, and helps to improve digestion, help with weight loss, and also help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and even some cancers. You should aim for 18g a day. Good sources of fibre are rye, fruit, root vegetables, and nuts and seeds.

The ideal diet will include a varied balance of these fibre, proteins and good fats, whilst reducing the amount of sugar, carbohydrates and bad fats. Check labels, use google, and start to be aware of how much sugar is in ordinary products like milk, ham and bread. You’ll be amazed at what you’re eating, and start to work out a new healthier balanced diet.

The Importance of Health and Wellness

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The vitality of health and wellness has positively gone to the cutting edge of the health business in the last decade.the patterns towards solid lifestyles have dependably been straightforward, however just now are we starting to see the importance of this pattern and the long haul sway it has on us as individuals.with the child of post war America era nearing or entering their senior years, strained health and medicinal administrations, and the acknowledgment by more excellent amounts of individuals of the limits of restorative science, social order has created an undeniably unmistakable state of mind of obligation towards one’s own particular health and wellness.

Never again are individuals singularly depending on specialists or clinics to greatly improve the situation assuming that they get diseased. Rather, the methodology has changed to one of ailment avoidance, to keep up or enhance the state of health that as of recently exists. The inconceivable blast in the health business general demonstrates the veracity of these patterns.

The vitality of health and wellness is reflected by the way that weight control plans, health improvement plans, activity projects and gear, fitness offices, spas, dietary supplements and activity/leisure aggregations of numerous kinds are currently everyday in our commonplace lives. Some of these progressions are determined by the compelling requests and long sits tight for medication in the health awareness framework, additionally by the longing of the working era for a more dynamic lifestyle after retirement, with the trust of being fit and fine to partake in their picked exercises. For these objectives to show into actuality the base of great health must be developed all around life, not simply to attempt to repair the damge after its been carried out.

So it has gotten clear why the health business has turned in its available heading. Just by setting the imperativeness of health and wellness as a necessity now can anybody take advantage of their future.

At Mountainviewhealth you will have the capacity to discover what you have to achieve your health and fitness objectives. You can look over an expansive choice of items including, not constrained to, wholesome supplements to skin health management to weight reduction helps. Besides look at the health and fitness tips, features and articles. We likewise convey top quality protein and weight addition supplements in our Healthbuy/sports sustenance segment.

How To Remove Freckles In 10 Easy Steps

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The freckles are appearing on the face of a man and a woman. This is due to skin infection, bacteria and many more reasons. This is not curable before sometime, as there was no laser surgery was available before some years. Now the situation is different, the freckles removal is available in many places. There are many clinics with the freckles removal program. The patient should have to meet the doctor the doctor will be checking entire affected areas of the skin. The doctor will check the case history before going for the treatment to a patient. In case, the freckles are less and it could be removed in an hour means, the doctor will be providing a time to the patient. The patient should have to attend to the treatment on the fixed day. The treatment will take depending upon the case history of the patient. Once the treatment resumes for the freckles removal the treatment will end in three to four hours time, the patient will be the normal look after the treatment. There will not be any single freckle on his face, the assurance of the doctor will make the patient to understand about the treatment and how it works with a freckles affected person.

The large size freckles are also removed in the freckles removal program. The person will not have pain during the treatment. This is additional information about the freckles removal treatment. The charges are less in the reputed hospitals for the freckles removal. At the same time, a new clinic with the latest laser equipment will be charging more, because the clinic is hiring a doctor from different city. The expert doctor will be demanding more money. In case, the clinic has permanent doctor the fee will be less for the patient for the freckles removal.

Many people frightened to take the laser treatment, this is because of the rumors passing to them by informing the patient that the laser is dangerous and there are many side effects after the freckles removal treatment. Actually, there is no side effects are faced by the patients. There are about thousands of people taken the freckles removal treatment and they are not having any trouble in their body again. Therefore, the patient should not consider the rumors and follow only to the doctor’s instruction in regard to the freckles removal treatment.

The ugly face is making anyone to suffer with the society, at the same time, the freckles removal is very easy to have and not to get back the freckles again after the treatment. All the doctors are assuring the patients about hundred percent cures after the freckles removal treatment. There is no age limit to take this treatment at the any age the freckles removal treatment could be had with a patient. The charges are not expensive to have the treatment; the duration of the treatment is only for a little hour. Therefore, a patient with freckles need not suffer in the society, that patient could contact near by the freckles removal center for the consultation.

Author Bio:

Owen Ormsley explains that freckles removal is a great procedure to remove unwanted freckles caused by excess sun exposure and sun damage.

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Thermoburn Xtreme Ephedra – For Rapid Weight Loss

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Identified as a top-selling pill for weight loss, Thermoburn Xtreme Ephedra is an excellent choice for bodybuilders too. To be consumed as a pre-workout supplement, the pill finds an extensive use as a daily dose to boost body metabolism, thereby resulting in a quick reduction in weight. The effects are synonymous with a rapid rise in energy levels and a subsequent increase in the core body temperature. The process is followed by an intense thermogenic burning of both fat and calories.

On account of being a stimulant, first time users may find its innate strength too powerful and strong to withstand. But the seasoned community is all in praise of this super-powerful weight reduction pill.

Ingredients of the Pill:

Related image

Citrus Aurantium and Ephedra are the 2 main ingredients of this drug, with Synephrine being the natural ingredient, leading to an active compound with a 70 mg composition, while secondary ingredients are green tea extract, caffeine and yerba mate.  Read through the reviews of Thermoburn with ephedra to know more!

A Comparison Between Synephrine and Ephedra

While the potency of Synephrine’s potency is just one-third of ephedrine’s potency, people can obtain results even with a limited usage of Synephrine. Hence Xtreme Thermoburn is a close substitute to the normal Ephedra Sinica diet pills which are widespread in the market.

Rise in Metabolism, the Key to Weight Loss

Thermoburn Xtreme works towards weight loss, by having a direct influence on increasing the resting metabolism of an individual. This subsequently brings about a rapid burning of calories, by the consumption of excess of energy to perform one’s daily chores.

Synonymous to its name, the Xtreme Thermoburn composition is designed around the medical concept of thermogenesism which reiterates the fact a slight increase in the body’s temperature even by a few fractions, can help burn more calories and fat to produce that heat.

It is on account of this distinguishing factor that Ephedra is a different choice among the other fat burners available in the market. The drug works by activating the nervous system’s beta receptors that coordinate both the core temperature and the metabolic rate. Upon activation of these receptors, a signal is sent to the brain asking for additional energy. This excess energy will result in convert the glucose and lipids into Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). With even a slight rise in the ATP production, there can be a major impact on metabolism and weight loss.

Some more benefits in Line

Apart from rapid weight loss and high metabolic rates, the secondary ingredients, green tea extract, caffeine and yerba mate provide a major boost to sympathomimetics’ effects, which are predominantly manifested in the form of boosting muscle strength, promoting clarity in mental assessment, with an increase in motivational levels. Do you want to reviews of Thermoburn with ephedra Click here!

Grapevine Proclaims Double Benefits

Suppression of appetite, which in turn leads to exercising control over hunger pangs are perceived to be the benefits derived and proclaimed by seasoned users of this pill, thus  bringing about a dual-pronged approach of weight reduction in place.

Important Points For Choosing A Plastic Surgeon

Related image

Whether you have a medical need for plastic surgery, or are addressing a purely cosmetic concern, choosing a good plastic surgeon is paramount to the process. Even the least vain amongst us would be quite upset with a botched surgery. This is a decision that should be made with proper care and forethought. Don’t rush. Here are just a few helpful tips for guiding your decision.

Cosmetic Surgeons are Not Plastic Surgeons

Many people see the terms ‘cosmetic surgeon’ and ‘plastic surgeon’ as interchangeable, but they are not. Any doctor can bill themselves a cosmetic surgeon and perform procedures such as breast augmentations.  But, these people have not undergone the same degree of training as a true plastic surgeon, and the risk of complications and unsatisfactory results is much higher.

Check Certification

When it comes to using the services of professionals such as lawyers and doctors, it is easy to assume everything must be on the  up-and-up, and while it usually is, making assumptions can be a dangerous thing . When evaluating potential plastic surgeons, always check they are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery in particular. Any other sort of board certification is virtually meaningless when it comes to these types of procedures.  Doctors certified by this board have at least three years general surgery training, two years of plastic surgery training, are bound by a strict code of ethics, and passed very stringent oral and written tests.

So, before you schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon, check for this certification before doing anything.

Be Wary of Low-Price Cosmetic Surgery Centers

Plastic surgery can be expensive, and it is understandable you want to minimize the costs. But, don’t let the desire to spend as little as possible drive you to a subpar surgeon. Chances are you are going to a plastic surgeon to improve some aspect of your appearance, so ending up disfigured or with a poor result is not something you want to raise the risk of unnecessarily.

Many of these centers that offer lower-cost procedures  are run by people who are highly motivated by profit, and minimizing their costs as much as possible. Most surgeons there may be retired or poorly trained, and are paid by the hour. Some of these surgeons may be training to be a ‘cosmetic surgeon’ and the patients here are essentially their guinea pigs. Not only are you more likely to end up with bad results, you may be putting your life in danger.

Check Records

Just like you want to check on proper certification, you want to see if a particular surgeon is in good standing and properly licensed. You can check his records with the state medical board, who tracks disciplinary actions against a physician. Some states allow you to check information online while others require you to make a request and send the information by mail.


Pay attention to what happens during the consultation to ensure you find the best fit. The doctor should be patient with you and thorough. He shouldn’t be rushing through the meeting, or seeming like he doesn’t want to answer your questions. A good surgeon will not make bold claims about results, and will be sure to ask you plenty of questions to get a feel for what you want, and whether you have realistic expectations about the procedure. Don’t forget to pay attention to your gut instinct—if someone just doesn’t feel like a good fit, keep looking.